Vision, Values & Mission

Our Vision

To be gathered forever with the whole people of God around the throne of Jesus in the joy of heaven.

Our Church Values

We value dependence upon God

  • We value God’s Word
  • We value prayer
  • We value God’s mercy

We value devotion to God

  • We value full devotion to Jesus
  • We value holiness
  • We value personal integrity

We value discipling one another

  • We value caring relationships
  • We value God’s gifts
  • We value church unity

We value demonstrating care to others

  • We value evangelism
  • We value mission
  • We value caring for those in need

Our Mission Statement

  • To present Christ to everyone, and
  • To present everyone mature in Christ.

We aim to carry out our mission by:

  • welcoming people into membership of our church family,
  • building Christian maturity,
  • serving in ministry, and
  • going out in mission with the good news of Christ,
  • so that God’s name is magnified.