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Bathurst Evangelical Church (BEC) is an independent non-denominational Church with people of varied backgrounds. Our desire is to see the gospel of Jesus Christ proclaimed in Bathurst and beyond, and for God’s people to grow to maturity and holiness. Our meetings are Bible-focused, with a relaxed and contemporary style.

BEC enjoys working with other churches with a high view of the Bible and a desire to share the message of God’s love. Through the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches we have links with churches in our own state and across Australia.

BEC began in February 1997 through the initiative of local Bathurst people keen for the development of Christ-centred, Bible-based and mission-minded ministry in Bathurst.

David Coy was founding pastor in 1997. Our second pastor was Rodney Macready, 2006-12, while Mark Sutton, our current pastor, succeeded Rodney in 2012.