Special Religious Education

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Bathurst Evangelical Church is an authorised provider of Special Religious Education in NSW Public Schools.


As an authorised provider, Bathurst Evangelical, through the body which co-ordinates SRE in Bathurst public schools, the Bathurst Council for Christian Education (BCCE), will provide, before the start of term 1, or as required, a letter to the schools identifying ourselves as an authorised provider, and which includes the names of authorised teachers, their dates of birth and contact details.


To become a qualified BEC SRE teacher, the steps in the following documents must be carried out.

For SRE syllabus information please go to bathurstchurches.org


Complaints Handling Procedure

In the event of a complaint from the school or Principal of the school about an SRE teacher from BEC, the Senior Pastor and the Overseers of BEC are to be informed. The Senior Pastor and the Overseers will, having regard for all relevant information, make a judgement on whether the teacher is to continue with SRE or be withdrawn, together with discussion of the issue with said teacher. They must also ascertain if the complaint is serious enough to involve authorities beyond the church and the school – for example the Police and other authorities. In all this the school Principal and the Bathurst Council for Christian Education are to be kept informed of developments.